Choose Happy.


Allison chooses happy.

She chooses happy colors to wear and happy colors throughout her home. She is a joy to be around and her home is inviting, comfortable, beautiful, and well…happy!  However, Allison had two mirrors that just didn’t fit in with the rest of her colorful home. They were beautiful mirrors, but she and I knew that they could be so much better!


IMG_1738 IMG_0552 IMG_0565

It was a joy for me to paint with my brightest and happiest colors yet – Annie Sloan English Yellow and Barcelona Orange. Both were waxed with Clear Wax and finished with Dark Wax to highlight the beautiful details of both mirrors.

English Yellow Mirror

English Yellow Mirror Detail

Barcelona Mirror

Barcelona Mirror Detail

Now these two mirrors truly shine in Allison’s colorful and happy home!

In addition, I painted some milk glass vases to add more pops of color around her family room.

Painted Vases

I am honored to call her my friend and to have been given the opportunity to add more color to the joyful home she has so lovingly created for her family.

… Kristin

After Photos Courtesy of Abigail Thomas Photography.

Image credit paper coterie.

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