Now it’s fun to be at the Kid’s Table!

As a child, Denise and her brother enjoyed this kid’s table and chairs. It was the designated “kid’s table” at family holiday gatherings.  The vintage set brings up fond memories for Denise and she wanted her own children to enjoy the set as she once did. But the dark wood hid the beautiful carved details and didn’t lend itself to Denise’s current home decor.



The white contact paper was removed from the table top and I had to tackle a few small repairs to one chair and the table before painting in a custom mix of 1:1 Annie Sloan French Linen and Pure White.


I painted over the back of the chairs with a light hand so as to not let the paint settle into the beautiful carved details.


With 100 grit sandpaper I lightly distressed everywhere there was carved accents and where paint would naturally wear off  with use and age. The finish is a coat of Annie Sloan Soft Clear Wax with three coats on the table top for extra protection.



Denise plans to use this table and chairs for her children’s everyday meals, not just on holidays. Thank you, Denise for trusting me with your childhood furniture. I hope your children can pass it on to their children! Now it’s fun to be sent to the kid’s table!

… Kristin

After photos courtesy of Abigail Thomas Photography.

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