Annie Sloan Henrietta Vintage Mirror

Jennifer was the winner of a Hazel Mae Home gift certificate at a recent school fundraiser in my town. She found this beautiful vintage mirror at an estate sale recently but hadn’t had the time to repair it and paint it herself. Jennifer is an artist and I’m sure she would have done something beautiful with this piece, but she allowed me to take this project off her “to do” list instead!

It needed a few minor repairs to its “wings” but was otherwise in great shape.


Jennifer had the perfect place for this mirror in her home and easily decided on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Henrietta. Annie Sloan herself describes this color as a “beautiful rich complex pink with a hint of lilac.” I finished with a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. No distressing, no dark wax – I just let the curves speak for themselves!


Thank you Jennifer for allowing me to paint this mirror for you! I hope it gave you a little more time to dedicate to your own business!

You can check out Jennifer’s art at

… Kristin

After Photo Courtesy of Abigail Thomas Photography.

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