Pure White Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes you have a piece of furniture that remains functional but is completely past it’s prime. Lexi uses this piece as a catch all in her kitchen. It provides great storage and has served the family well for many years, but it was due for an update. When she brought this piece to me I immediately knew that a fresh coat of paint and new hardware would bring it back to life.


There was a bit of prep work since this piece was previously painted black. It took several coats of Annie Sloan Pure White and a finish of Annie Sloan Clear Wax. I suggested these oil rubbed bronze bin pulls and knobs instead of handles for the cabinet doors. I spray painted the hinges to match.


This piece still provides great storage, but now lightens up the previously dark corner in Lexi’s kitchen. Thank you for your continued business, Lexi! What’s next?!

A little shout out to my friend Susannah who gave me the sweet little vintage chalkboard above. It’s a perfect addition to my kitchen and will be an amazing photo prop going forward. Thanks, Susannah!

… Kristin

After photo courtesy of Kira of Abigail Thomas Photography!

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