Vintage Desks for Back to School Week!

I’ve always loved vintage school desks! My daughter was given one by my cousin a couple years ago. I painted it pink, added a stencil on top and it looks so sweet in her bedroom with a white painted chair. So, I was very excited when Sharon brought me not one, but TWO vintage desks and chairs to redesign for her son and daughter’s bedrooms!

She had found them at a garage sale and quickly swiped them up! There was the expected drawing on the desk tops and scratches and carvings on both the desks and chairs. There were a few areas where the wood had splintered and been gouged out by kids with their pencils. But they were solid and beautiful and ready to be used again!

photo 2-3

photo 5

I cleaned up the original tops with a little Bon Ami from my kitchen and some elbow grease. For her son’s desk and chair we decided on Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue with a full coat of Annie Sloan Dark Wax to add depth to the color.



And for her daughter’s set we decided on Annie Sloan Emilie for the chair and Pure White for the body of the desk with just Clear Wax to finish.


I painted a single letter monogram – strong and bold for the W and softer and antiqued for the L.



I hope these desks will see many years of coloring, letter writing, painting, and homework! Thank you for the repeat business, Sharon! I truly appreciate it! I love how these turned out!

Happy Back To School Week everyone!

… Kristin

After photos courtesy of Kira of Abigail Thomas Photography! We had fun staging these, didn’t we Kira!?

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