1970’s Rocking Chair Redesigned for Baby Phoebe!

This rocking chair was such fun to work on for two reasons! First, Shannon and I decided upon a custom green color that I loved mixing (1:1 Annie Sloan Versailles and Antibes Green). And secondly, Shannon was due with her third daughter and I was so excited to get this rocker painted for her before the baby arrived!

Shannon’s mother rocked her as a baby in this rocking chair.  It’s a mid-1970’s relic.  As Shannon describes… imagine an orange corduroy tie-on cushion set, along with the gold leafy embellishment on the top rail of this walnut rocker, living on a gold shag carpet in a yellow nursery!

It was in storage while Shannon lived in New York City, and then moved to the basement of their new house in New Jersey.  Her Mom had bought it in the 70’s so that she would have a rocker on both floors of the house. And that’s exactly why Shannon will need it!
photo 3-1
The custom green turned out just lovely and the distressing brought out the beautiful details and original wood. I finished it with Annie Sloan Dark Wax. And Shannon found the perfect throw pillow!

Welcome to the world, baby Phoebe! And thank you for trusting me with this cherished piece of furniture, Shannon!

 … Kristin
After photos courtesy of Kira of Abigail Thomas Photography!

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