Happy One Year Anniversary HMH!

One year ago this week was my first Hazel Mae Home blog post! In the last year I completed over 40 projects for 23 clients! Some clients just kept coming back with more things to paint! I thank each and every one of you! It was a great beginning for HMH … and I am looking forward to an even busier second year!

Let’s take a look back at the top five projects that received the most views, comments and likes on this blog and on my Hazel Mae Home Facebook page. Click on the titles if you missed a post and want the full details.

1 | Dresser Redesigned in Pure White

Who knew that this simple transformation would be so well received! It just goes to show that a little paint and some new hardware can bring a vintage piece back to life!


2 | Grandma’s Nightstand

This nightstand was well-loved but so very dated! Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Old White kept the vintage feel and the original hardware was so sweet it just had to be reused!


3 | Vintage End Table… Saved!

This end table was about to be donated when I suggested to my friend that we could make it new again! I’m so glad she took me up on the idea! I adore this table!

End Table Before1ChristineEndTableAfter1

4| Childhood Canopy Bed

I think so many loved this redesign because we all either had or dreamed of having a canopy bed when we were young. This update kept the vintage feel of the bed but freshened it up for my client’s daughter’s bedroom!


5 | Vintage Frame Jewelry Displays

These jewelry displays have been a favorite since I started making them! The beauty of a vintage wood frame is just hard to match in new frames. I have an inventory of frames in many shapes and sizes just waiting to be customized if you would like your own!

Jewelry Display Collage2

Thank you to all of the clients who have trusted me with their cherished furniture or purchased my jewelry frames or salt & pepper shakers! I am truly grateful.

In my second year of business I look forward to redesigning many more pieces for clients! And I will be debuting my first collection of HMH restyled furniture and home decor for purchase in the coming months! Make sure you “like” my Hazel Mae Home Facebook page to be the first to know when I introduce the collection!

… Kristin

A BIG thank you to Kira of Abigail Thomas Photography – my trusted photographer and friend! Kira has helped bring the finished pieces to life with her photography and her friendship and support have seen me through this first year. Thank you.

2013-14Top5 Collage2

3 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary HMH!

  1. Happy 1st Birthday Hazel May Home!! I’ve been lucky to be a lifelong recipient of your amazing work and have loved watching you lend your keen eye, creativity, and talent to so many! Best wishes for another productive year touching homes and lives in NJ, NY and beyond!

  2. Congrats on your first year!!! 🙂 I read your posts faithfully…and always enjoy seeing what you’ve transformed. I’m so proud of you!! xo

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