Jewelry Cabinet in Annie Sloan Old Violet

This was a fun piece for me to work on this month. First, because I had never used the paint color chosen by the client before. And second because the client’s mother (Veronique) is my painter’s wife. My WALL painter! I love painting furniture, but walls – no thank you! Veronique’s husband and his team at Painting Etc. have painted every room in my house!

Veronique found this dark wood jewelry cabinet at a local estate sale and knew her daughter Briana would love it for her apartment in the city. It was a Christmas present and I met with Veronique and Briana shortly after the gift giving to discuss her color and finish choices.


Briana chose Annie Sloan Old Violet, which is the perfect feminine color for this piece. We decided on very light distressing and a subtle wash of white around the semi-circle trim. I spray painted the gold hardware with Rustoleum Metallic Pewter. I was unable to find a match for the missing drawer pull, but did find a floral pull that I think ties in very well.

She and I are both so pleased with how this turned out!


You can see the light distressing and white wax in the image below. It’s subtle, but adds to the character of the piece.


Veronique and Kleber are Painting Etc. Check out their new Facebook page and if you are local to me in New Jersey and need a wall painter, give them a call! They are meticulous painters and just all around great people! I am happy to call them my friends!

… Kristin

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