Paris Grey Dresser with Painted Hardware

I love how well old furniture was made. It’s solid. It’s heavy. It lasts. Furniture today just doesn’t have the same qualities. This dresser was definitely dated. Its hard wood was painted yellow with black speckles. IMG_2804IMG_2805 But…the drawers were dove-tailed, it provided great storage, and it had been passed down in Sue’s family for more than 30 years. It was definitely a keeper despite it’s current appearance!

The plan was to redesign this dresser for Sue’s daughter’s bedroom. We decided on Annie Sloan Paris Grey and wanted to incorporate some gold detail. My first attempt was to use gold Guilders Paste on the hardware. I love Paris Grey and gold hardware, but the contrast was just too dramatic for a little girl’s dresser. DresserTrial Sue agreed with me and we decided to paint the hardware in the same Paris Grey and subtly accent it with the gold Guilders Paste. It still needed something so I added some white wax to the finish. The white wax settling in the details and the touches of gold were exactly what this hardware needed. ParisGreyWhiteWax I love the way this dresser was transformed. It looks lovely against Sue’s daughter’s soft pink walls and dark floors. ParisGreyDresser1 ParisGreyDresser5 ParisGreyDresser3

Thank you for allowing me to redesign this dresser, Sue! I hope it stays in your family for another 30 years and possibly your daughter’s daughter uses it!

… Kristin

I love updating dressers! Remember this Pure White one and my own Childhood Dresser.

4 thoughts on “Paris Grey Dresser with Painted Hardware

  1. Looks lovely! The yellow with black speckles cracks me up. I’m sure that back in the day someone worked really hard to get those black speckles to look just right 😉 How awesome that well made pieces like this dresser can be made over and used, rather than sent to the junk heap!

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