Nautical Dresser in Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue

When Stephanie reached out to me about redesigning two dressers for her family’s beach house, I was so excited! These dressers didn’t have a family history as most of my client’s pieces do. These were found dressers that Stephanie knew could have a new life in new colors.


They were two identical dressers that she had decided would go in two separate bedrooms of their beach house. These dressers were the dirtiest pieces of furniture that I have worked with. I took them in the backyard and cleaned them with Dawn Platinum dish soap and water. I let them dry then lightly sanded them. Finally, I cleaned them again with Mineral Spirits and a toothbrush to get in the grooved details. Whew. The prep work sometimes takes longer than expected!

The first dresser was then painted in Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue. I painted lightly with a dry brush and didn’t let the paint soak into all the details. I finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax and Dark Wax to darken the blue and give some depth.



The original hardware was also painted and waxed.



I always like to add drawer liner paper to the top drawers. I only tape it in so the client can change it out if they desire.


Stephanie’s second dresser is being waxed this week and I will share the before and afters next week! You will see another nautical inspired burlap art piece in that photo shoot as well! These are courtesy of Rustic Ink, a local business that I love! Cristin of Rustic Ink creates custom burlap artwork that you can drop into any frame you wish! Please check out her business page and see all the beautiful designs she has to offer!


As always, thank you for following my blog and furniture redesigns! Sea you next week!

… Kristin

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