My Day at The Country Living Fair

What a day! I spent SIX glorious hours at The Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY yesterday! If you have never been and love all things vintage, vintage-inspired, crafty, repurposed or salvaged… I suggest you go. It runs through Sunday and will be back again next year. I started my drive from New Jersey around 8:30am and arrived at the fair at 10:30am.


It was a beautiful weather day and so much to see! The first booth I stopped at was French Laundry Home from High Point, NC. They had beautiful tea towels, napkins and so many pillows! I bought two for my family room.


My next purchases were from Blue Bird Home Decor out of Troy, NY. Nicolle’s shop and booth feature an eclectic mix of re-purposed furniture, salvaged items and original artwork by her mother, Shelly Broughton. See the galvanized chicken feeders? I bought one for myself!


I adore sheep and lamb faces, so I snatched up this sweet lamb face painted by Shelly! Love.


There was so much greenery offered everywhere. I am not a plant person, but I loved the rosemary and boxwood topiaries, the lavender plants in dark grey terra-cotta pots imported from Germany (I bought one of those!), the herb gardens, and the succulents and moss balls planted into vintage silver bowls and cups.


At almost every booth, there was something that caught my eye!


CLSageFarm CLsigns

I didn’t remember to take a photo of their booth, but I enjoyed talking to the Gregory’s of Mary Gregory Studio from Abilene, TX. Mary’s original artwork is reproduced onto canvases and framed by her husband. Or the canvases are placed onto small wood blocks. I again couldn’t pass up a sweet lamb face. I was told her name is “Margot.” And the landscape, titled “Our Spot,” is the Gregory’s property in Texas. I had to have them both.


The Fair was so well run. Most of the vendors were under covered stalls, so the sun exposure was manageable. I just kept applying my sunscreen. They also had a very large food court area with so many choices from some great food trucks and local establishments. It was pretty crowded from about 11am to 3pm, but still manageable to get around, even with my mom’s cart that I brought! (Which I am so glad that I did!)


At about 3:30 I sat down in the shade to rest. I was thinking about making the two hour drive home to New Jersey, but realized that I might run into rush hour traffic. And then I realized that I didn’t circle back around to the FOUNT booth like I had planned! When I saw their booth earlier in the day, it was so busy! So I passed by telling myself I would come back. So, that decided it. I stayed another hour and re-visited a few booths that I loved or had missed.

I had read about Phillip and Jackie in County Living magazine awhile back. Their leather business FOUNT out of Cleveland, OH was featured in the magazine last year. This husband and wife team design beautiful leather items – bags, wallets, necklaces. And they are as lovely as their products! Since the rush had slowed, we had a nice conversation about the fair, the bags, and their soon-to-be-born first child.


These backpacks were so beautiful, but I needed something larger. So I purchased their Petite Bellfield Tote in Vintage Milled Cocoa. This bag is amazing. I am excited to wear it and support this sweet couple!


So… that was my day! Four hours of driving and six hours of shopping! I was in heaven! And here is everything that I came home with! Some mentioned above, others gathered from different vendors. Not mentioned above are a baguette bread board, three zinc pots, some rolled vintage handwritten papers, and an old wood tray with original label. Look for a few of these in an upcoming furniture after photo!


It was a wonderful day and I will certainly be back again next year! Please check out the businesses I mentioned! I know they would love to have you visit!

… Kristin

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