Vintage Danish Spice Rack

I loved this project. It is definitely the most unique item brought to me to paint!

This was Jessica’s Grandmother’s vintage spice rack. Jessica fondly remembers it from her childhood and when her Grandmother passed away, she was definitely interested in taking it to her own home.


It is marked on the back that it is made by Digsmed, a Danish company from the 1960s. It is teak and still has the 12 original glass jars. The jars screw into the lids that are in the wood “arms.”


Jessica wanted to update this spice rack to work in her kitchen. She chose neutral Annie Sloan Old White and I finished with Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax and slight distressing. The glass jars just needed a good scrubbing. The lingering spices were such a joy to smell as I worked on this piece! I thought of Jessica’s Grandmother a lot and pictured her using the spice rack in her kitchen.


I had a chalkboard sticker laying around so I added some parsley to one of the jars and labeled it! Just imagine how cute it will be when Jessica fills and labels all the jars.


And the best part of this amazing vintage piece?!? It mounts on the wall and spins! I couldn’t post a video on my blog, so check out the video of it spinning on my Hazel Mae Home Facebook page!


I told you it was amazing. What a great conversation piece with history to add to a kitchen.

Thank you for trusting me with this unique heirloom, Jessica! I thoroughly enjoyed painting it!

… Kristin

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