Whitewashed Coffee Table

This coffee table is different than other pieces I have done recently and I think it warrants a little background into me and my business before I share my painting process and the after photos.


In the first six months of starting Hazel Mae Home, I painted both vintage furniture and newer pieces (think Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Ethan Allan) for clients. But I began to have second thoughts when I found myself sanding and priming pieces that had a new glossy finish or were previously painted. Or when I was painting over veneer, plywood or pressed wood.

I am almost at the three year mark for Hazel Mae Home and now I typically only paint furniture made of real wood. Vintage pieces.

The reason is two-fold. First and foremost is that I am five years out from a Stage 3b Melanoma diagnosis. I will be cancer free for five years in September. (Yay!) Because of this, I prefer not to sand original finishes or use primer. I do wear a mask, but it’s still dusty and I’d rather not breathe in the dust particles or primer fumes. The second reason is simply that I love antique furniture. I am filled with joy when I paint an old piece of furniture that has seen better days, but holds memories for its owner. I love how the paint goes onto the old, worn, real wood. I love the carved details of antiques and how the paint highlights these beautiful details. I love original hardware and how it stands out against newly painted drawer fronts.

So, all that being said and despite this coffee table being part plywood and not really vintage… I saw the potential and I made an exception.

The top was in the worst shape and I sanded it down with my orbital sander before doing anything else. It still had some dings and scratches in it after my sanding, but with the finish Amy and I had decided on… the dings and scratches were going to work for me in the end. I cleaned it with mineral spirits and made a small repair to the drawer front where there was a larger chip. Because this table was previously painted, I painted one coat of Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer.


Now I finally got to the fun part. I painted a first coat of Annie Sloan Paris Grey. I wasn’t looking for full coverage since I had a second step to do, but I was sure to get good coverage over the primer.

The next day I created a wash of Annie Sloan Old White. To do this, I mix the paint with a splash of bottled water until it has a milky consistency. Working in sections, I paint on the wash, let it sit for a little while and then wipe away with a paper towel. The wash settles in the details and those dings and scratches that I mentioned before. I finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. Can you see all the texture in this first photo? It’s lovely.


Because this is not an old piece, the original hardware was just plain wood knobs. And one was broken beyond repair. I suggested to Amy that a new set of knobs were in order for this table. And I had the perfect ones in my collection! These beauties are from Anthropologie and I think they are the perfect finishing touch for this redesigned table.


This coffee table definitely went from drab to fab. And although it isn’t a vintage find, it certainly has some strong character now.



Once again… thank you Amy! I truly enjoy working with you and I’m excited to start on your next piece!

… Kristin

Do you like Annie Sloan Paris Grey? Here are a few more pieces painted in this beautiful color…Vintage End Table, Dresser.

5 thoughts on “Whitewashed Coffee Table

  1. Well gosh Kristin. High five on the five! I can only imagine how awesome that must feel. I hope you’ll celebrate big in September when you get to the five year date.

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