Dreamy Paris Grey Dresser

Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey is a favorite of mine. It is a dreamy light dove grey with cool undertones. I especially love seeing it paired with whites – either Pure White or Old White. And I love painting pieces for friends. So, this dresser I’m about to show you was a joy to work on.

It is the second dresser I have painted for my friend Sue’s daughter Kate’s bedroom. Here is the tall dresser I redesigned earlier in the year.

Paris Grey Dresser

The details of this dresser can be found here.

The other, shorter dresser in the set was in a little more disrepair. I forgot to take a before picture, but did snap these after I started working on it.



I really had to sand down the top due to some scratches and water damage. And I gave the entire dresser a quick sand to rough up the original finish. As I do with each piece, I then cleaned it thoroughly with mineral spirits.

Sue and I talked about our options for this dresser. We wanted to keep the dressers as a set but also wanted to make this one a little bit different. I suggested that we paint the drawer edges and top and bottom details in Annie Sloan Pure White. I think the effect is just beautiful.


I painted the hardware the same as the tall dresser. Two coats of Paris Grey, white wax on the details and some touches of gold Guilder’s Paste. It is subtle effect, but I love it.


I found a new resource for paper to line the drawers and was so excited to use this beautiful floral print. It is a perfect, beautiful surprise in each drawer.


I loved painting this piece for Kate and know she will have these unique dressers for years to come! Sweet dreams…


… Kristin

And again, here is the first of Kate’s Paris Grey Dressers. And another Paris Grey piece – Paris Grey and Old White End Table.

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