Pure White Scroll Bed

The majority of my business is redesigning vintage furniture that is sentimental to my client – a cherished table from their grandparents or their childhood bed or dresser. But I also keep a list of items that clients are searching for. And when I am out at garage and estate sales or when I search Craigslist, I keep an eye out for these items.

Jillian had asked that I look for a full size bed frame for her daughter, Harper. It happened pretty quickly that I came across a beautiful headboard and footboard at a local estate sale in her town. And it was amazing that Jillian was available within an hour to go look at it.

I immediately loved all the scrolling details. And this set had the side rails too. It was a perfect piece to redesign and we both agreed that it was going to be a lovely addition to Harper’s bedroom.


As I started working on the piece, I researched the company noted on the brass label on the back – Berkey & Gay Furniture. The design of this marking dates this piece to between 1929 and 1948.


Harper’s bedroom has beautiful pink walls, so a simple white bed was decided upon. As with most mahogany furniture made in the 30’s, this one was a bleeder. This means when white paint is applied, the tannins in the wood bleed through the paint and turn it an orangey-pink color. I had to apply two coats of primer to stop the bleeding. After that I painted Annie Sloan Pure White and sanded to a smooth finish. I distressed the details and finished with clear wax.

It was a cloudy day when I photographed the bed and beds without bedding don’t look as lovely, so trust me when I tell you that this bed looks so much better in person.




I asked Jillian to pass on a photo when the bed is all dressed and lovely, so hopefully we can see how beautiful it is all put together. So glad we found this, Jillian!

… Kristin

Also.. a big thank you to my friend Susannah for loaning me the beautiful quit!

Here are a few other beds I have painted … Simple and Sweet Old White Twin Beds, Old Ochre Vintage Bed, and Childhood Canopy Bed.

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