A Very Old Desk Gets Redesigned

This is an old desk. A very old desk. It came to me stripped down and in pieces.

Megan’s family has had this desk in their family for years. She remembers it in her family’s Michigan lake house. Her Great Aunt had it for awhile and painted it a dark green. Then her father stripped it down completely. And now, Megan is lucky enough to have it and asked Hazel Mae Home to redesign it for use in her guest bedroom.


Since this desk was stripped to the bare wood, I needed to sand it smooth and start with a base coat of Fusion Tough Coat. The Tough Coat gave me a sealed surface to paint over and would stop any bleed through. It took two full coats of Annie Sloan Old White to cover. I distressed with a heavier hand and finished with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.



The inside was painted in Annie Sloan Louis Blue. I haven’t used this color since painting my daughter’s dresser several years ago. I do love Louis Blue with Old White.

I started cleaning the original hardware by soaking in the crockpot. This took the green paint right off. But the hinges and desk arms were only brass plated, not completely brass, so scrubbing with Brasso just wasn’t cleaning them up. I suggested to Megan that we spray them with Rustoleum Antique Bronze. I love the pop of color inside!

(I lost my natural light while taking these photos and the next two are a bit yellow-y. The first two photos above represent Annie Sloan’s Old White better than the below photos.)



And, as I love to do… the little inside and bigger bottom drawers are lined with a complementary paper. I also painted the sides of the drawers.


Thanks for reaching out to me to redesign this family treasure, Megan! I do hope you and your family continue to enjoy it for years to come.

… Kristin

I’ve painted a few other desks … A Pop of Color for an Old Desk and Vintage School Desks.

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