Vintage Frames Redesigned

Vintage wood frames are one of the first things I am drawn to at estate sales and garage sales. They are usually ornate and beautiful. I buy them empty or with art or a mirror in them then I redesign them into something else … mostly jewelry or hair bow displays or chalkboards like these.




Sometimes I don’t sell everything that I make. So, I tend to find a place for it in my own home. That was the case last year, when no one purchased a large jewelry display from me so I used it to hold Christmas cards. (Now it’s hanging on the wall in my master bathroom holding my jewelry.)


This year, no one was interested in a blue chalkboard frame that I designed in Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue with a wash of Duck Egg Blue.


So, I searched Pinterest and came across this sweet printable Advent calendar by Short Stop Designs made for I Heart Naptime. You can find it here.

I followed the simple directions to create the 25 envelopes and printed the inside notes. I added a few of my own – some things we do throughout Advent as a family.



Now I’m sort of glad no one bought this frame! We have never had an Advent calendar like this and my daughter and I are enjoying opening an envelope each day. I am so pleased to add this to my Christmas decorations!

… Kristin

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