Nautical Blue Dresser for a Baby Boy

The husbands weren’t too sure about this dresser. Both my husband and my client’s husband didn’t think it was worth saving.

But this dresser came from England and had been in Hannah’s family for years. Hannah saw its potential and knew it would be a great addition to baby Teddy’s bedroom.


After our in-home consultation, Hannah and I decided on Annie Sloan’s Napoleonic Blue. I  finished with Annie Sloan’s Clear and Dark Wax to deepen the color.


The knobs just needed some Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil to bring them back to life. And the bottom drawer was missing its brass key hole escutcheon. (Did you know that was the name for the little piece that goes in the keyhole?) So I found a replacement on etsy.


I lined the drawers with whale paper from Spoonflower.



While I was woking on Teddy’s dresser I came across this Pottery Barn Kids dresser.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.32.42 PM

Can you believe that Hannah now has a dresser to use in her son’s room that 1) has a history and is special to her, 2) is a custom one-of-a-kind piece and 3) didn’t cost anywhere near the price of this mass produced one above. I truly believe in redesigning furniture for so many reasons.


Hannah, thank you for trusting me with this beautiful vintage British dresser. I hope your husband agrees with my husband now — that this dresser was worth saving!

… Kristin

If you like this Napoleonic Blue dresser, check out these other blue pieces – Table and Dresser.

11 thoughts on “Nautical Blue Dresser for a Baby Boy

  1. Oh my goodness this is the bomb! I absolutely love it. Great job – good color choice. I like, you, would much rather have that piece than the PB one and for all the reasons you mentioned. I am very fond of that style knob. I am glad you kept them. I think they evoke the time period the piece originates from. This is perfect for a boys room.

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for a boys room! I love the dresser before and my first thought was “don’t paint it!” (And I love painting furniture with AS paint). But I love it even more painted, just lovely. I want to see the rest of the room 😊.

  3. Did you mix the Napoleonic Blue with any other paint color? This is the perfect color I’m looking for…and on other sites, people have mixed the blue with graphite…and then applied the clear and then dark wax. I am looking for the deep navy color you achieved.

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