It’s official …. the first week of summer break for New Jersey kids! And that means that things slow down a bit at Hazel Mae Home so I can spend time doing fun summer things with my daughter.

Blog posts will be a little fewer and far between these next few months, so now is the time to join me on Instagram and Facebook, if you don’t already! I will post a little more frequently there.

I have worked on a few projects in the last month that I wanted to share with you. A couple side / accent tables…


This one was created by a base coat of Annie Sloan Graphite followed by a wash of Annie Sloan Paris Grey. It’s a beautiful combination to show off details.


And this table was a simple redesign using General Finishes Snow White and retaining the original top and drawer front.


And finally, I painted the second dresser in my master bedroom. The first was this one…


And the other is a tall dresser that my husband uses. It finally got the makeover it needed. With a beautiful arrangement of images taken by my dear friend Kira, of Abigail Thomas Photography and framed in vintage frames I collected over time, this small wall in our bedroom is now complete.




Happy summer! See ya on Instagram and Facebook!

… Kristin


7 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. I am attempting to paint my demilune table like yours. Yours turned out great! Did you add water to the Paris Grey paint to make it a wash? Also, didnyih apply a wax coat or clear topcoat?
    Thank you!

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