It’s official …. the first week of summer break for New Jersey kids! And that means that things slow down a bit at Hazel Mae Home so I can spend time doing fun summer things with my daughter.

Blog posts will be a little fewer and far between these next few months, so now is the time to join me on Instagram and Facebook, if you don’t already! I will post a little more frequently there.

I have worked on a few projects in the last month that I wanted to share with you. A couple side / accent tables…


This one was created by a base coat of Annie Sloan Graphite followed by a wash of Annie Sloan Paris Grey. It’s a beautiful combination to show off details.


And this table was a simple redesign using General Finishes Snow White and retaining the original top and drawer front.


And finally, I painted the second dresser in my master bedroom. The first was this one…


And the other is a tall dresser that my husband uses. It finally got the makeover it needed. With a beautiful arrangement of images taken by my dear friend Kira, of Abigail Thomas Photography and framed in vintage frames I collected over time, this small wall in our bedroom is now complete.




Happy summer! See ya on Instagram and Facebook!

… Kristin

20 thoughts on “Summertime!

  1. I am attempting to paint my demilune table like yours. Yours turned out great! Did you add water to the Paris Grey paint to make it a wash? Also, didnyih apply a wax coat or clear topcoat?
    Thank you!

      • Hello! I really am trying to copy this effect, I tried doing it the other way round (following a different blogger) and it didn’t turn out great so going to try your way now! With graphite first! However didn’t the paper towells just shred and stick to your piece? Any recommendations? Kind regards Lucy

      • Hi Lucy! Paint the Graphite and allow to dry. Then do a WASH of the white – wiping back with a paper towel or rag. If you don’t allow the watered down paint to dry too long – then the wash will give you the effect you are looking for! Good luck this time! – Kristin

  2. Hi…Love the graphite and Paris gray wash piece. I am planning on doing this to my dining room table and would love to know how many coats of each you used so I may replicate. Love it!

  3. Hi…reading the exchange between you and Lucy because I’d like to create the same effect. So you put one coat of graphite. Let dry. Then a coat of white before the gray? I am confused…lol. Please help!

    • Hi Victoria!
      This piece has two coats of Graphite to cover. Allow to dry. Then I made a wash of Paris Grey (watering down the paint) and applied with a brush and wiped back with a cloth. Hope that helps!

  4. Hello, please can you tell me what wax you used on the graphite / Paris grey table. I’m hoping to try the same on a chair I’m working on, and yours looks great.

  5. I am doing a book case in graphite and Paris grey wash. I am planning on distressing it. Do you recommend waxing first, distressing second and then lastly doing the wash?

  6. When you did the wash, how many parts of water to how many parts of pearl grey paint did you do? Love the look. You also used 2 coats of graphite?

    • Hi! I don’t quite recall – but the idea is to water down the paint enough so it goes on watery. And then wipe off with a lint-free cloth. And you can do one or two coats of your base coat until – just get the coverage you want.

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