Summer Project: Teacher’s Lounge

Hello! I haven’t written in several weeks! I’ve been busy enjoying the last of summer, getting ready for school AND finalizing a project that has been a labor of love all summer! At the end of the school year, my daughter’s school’s PTO asked me and another mom, Cheryl, to redesign the Teacher’s Lounge. So this blog post will be a little different than my usual painted furniture posts, but I hope you stick with me!

The Teacher’s Lounge was in desperate need of cleaning, organizing and updating! It was a hodge podge of furniture, had very dated window treatments, and was cluttered and disorganized. It was definitely NOT a place of calm, respite for the teachers.



Cheryl and I were so excited to begin clearing out the room and getting started on the project, that we didn’t even take any before photos. These were dug up by the PTO, but you can see just from these, that the room was dated and cluttered.

Our school was built in 1909 and is the oldest school in our town that is still in use. The original building is full of character and the Teacher’s Lounge is in the original building. It has high ceilings, a fireplace, and beautiful arched windows. The area we undertook consisted of the main lounge, a kitchen, a storage room and a bathroom, but I’m only going over the details of the main room.

With the help of one of the school’s long time teachers, Cheryl and I went on a “treasure hunt” through the old school to find items to include in the lounge redesign. It was amazing what we found!


This lantern was sitting in the attic covered in dust. It is original to the school! We had it cleaned up, rewired and hung in the room. The chalkboard is also original to the school! We had it cut down and I chalked on it … “The influence of a great teacher can never be erased.” (Tip — you can make your chalk art permanent by spraying with aerosol hairspray!) And – do you know what that wood and metal thing is to the left? It only made sense to put it on display next to the vintage chalkboard!


We also found two old ladders in the school! All they needed was a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint. I used General Finishes Coastal Blue. One is in the main room and the other in the bathroom.

img_7160We also found some vintage globes.  I painted one and wrote out “Changing the WORLD one child at a time.” The blue books stacked around are old books no longer in use in the school library.


A piano bench was also pulled from the attic and given a new life with General Finishes Driftwood Grey paint.


And finally, old film reels and an old school clock were salvaged from the basement and hung as a gallery wall with the first initial of the school – M.


The rooms had to begin though, with a fresh coat of paint. Trish of Shady Lady Colors, generously gave her time to help Cheryl and I choose paint colors for the room. If you are local and need help picking the right paint for your walls – without taping 15 swatches to your wall – Trish is who you call! She pushed us to go bold with the fireplace and it was absolutely the right decision! Thank you, Trish!

With colors chosen, Matt of Tudor Revival, did a beautiful job painting all of the rooms. He is meticulous and thorough and neat – everything you want in a painter! If you are local and your walls need some love – give him a call! Thank you, Matt!

And the finishing touch was provided by Megan of West of Portobello Road. Megan sewed tablecloths for the long table that was originally in the room. She sews custom window treatments, bedding and shower curtains. Megan even monograms clothing, towels and other items. She is someone you should know if you are local to me! Thank you, Megan!


And so … if you are still reading… here is the main room of the redesigned Teacher’s Lounge! It is such a bright room during the day that it was difficult to get a good picture.


And oh — two more things to point out! That coffee table farmhouse bench? We found it in the basement of the school! And the original artwork of the school building to the left of the fireplace? That was done by our school’s art teacher – Ricardo Roig. Please check out his gallery in Hoboken, NJ and see his beautiful artwork at Ricardo Roig – Fine Artist. He is amazing and our children are lucky to have him as their art teacher!

It was a pleasure working with you this summer, Cheryl! And to all the teachers at my daughter’s school — we hope you enjoy this relaxing space as you nurture and teach our children. Thank you for all that you do each and every day!


… Kristin


12 thoughts on “Summer Project: Teacher’s Lounge

  1. Oh my goodness, Kristin! Nice work! I love it and I bet the teachers do to!!!!! So excited to have you beautifying the school!!! Thank you for all you do. – Valeri

    (I love Trish!!! She helped us pick paint colors during our reno) – Valeri

    On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 10:40 PM, Hazel Mae Home wrote:

    > Hazel Mae Home posted: “Hello! I haven’t written in several weeks! I’ve > been busy enjoying the last of summer, getting ready for school AND > finalizing a project that has been a labor of love all summer! At the end > of the school year, my daughter’s school’s PTO asked me and anoth” >

  2. Wow! What a cool transformation! I love how the style reflects the character of the school and so many local artists (yourself included) came together to give it the love it needed! Nice work everyone! The teachers are lucky to have you!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I have chills still! I didn’t even read everything yet because I had to comment. The pictures look amazing!! What an honor! I am so happy you were able to do this and show your skills and provide the teachers with such a beautiful space to relax!!! Perfect job ladies! Love the details.

  4. This is amazing! I just looked at the photos for now because I had to go straight to comments and congratulate right away!! I still have chills! So happy you were able to take part in the transformation and show off your amazing skills! The room is awesome! Congrats ladies–I am sure this space is a GREAT place to take a break and recharge now!!!

  5. I had left two comments because they didn’t show right away and I thought I may have done something wrong. Feel free to delete the other. Adding now though that I have read your post and I LOVE all the items that you were able to bring in that were original to the school!!! Amazing finds!

  6. Am I the only one who knows what that thing is next to the chalkboard? I had a teacher in grade school who was obsessed with one of those. She used it to make straight lines to just write stuff on the chalkboard. In hindsight as an adult it makes me realize that she might have been wound just a tad tight. I can remember her pulling that thing out every morning at the start of class and making those straight lines on the board! And by the way, great job on the room makeover! It looks so much better.

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