A Vintage Cabinet

Do you have a friend that finds free furniture on the side of the road and calls you? Does that friend stand by the furniture to claim it so no one else will take it? Does she then wait for you and your husband to arrive and help you load it in the car?


I have a friend like that. Thanks to Susannah, this beauty and another piece came home with me two summers ago during our town’s bulk pick up days. I like to think that the owners knew someone would claim it and weren’t really letting it go to a landfill.

It did need a lot of work though. First, it needed to be aired out in my garage for awhile. Then a lot of wood filler was applied – mostly on the bottom of the lower drawer and then a lot more on the sides. Did you notice I said it came home to me two years ago? Well, it sat like this in my guest room until last month when I finally got to it with a plan. Here was the photo of my plan that I posted to my Hazel Mae Home Instagram account in August. Jump over and follow me for more frequent photos, if you don’t already.


I knew that I wanted to keep original the beautiful wood in the ovals and the turned legs, so I started painting only where necessary – where there was damage or over the shell motifs in the top arches, which I knew I didn’t want to keep.


I used General Finishes Queenstown Gray, a new favorite of mine! I sanded back to show some wear around the edges and raised details.


I finished with Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax and cleaned up the original hardware.


Since the cabinet key escutcheon was missing, I drilled a hole through and used an Anthropologie drop pull that I have always loved. The blue hints at the inside which I painted a custom mix of Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Pure White.


And the drawers were lined with Spoonflower paper. In the end, I decided on a different paper than I originally planned. There are just too many lovely ones to choose, but this one just felt more “right” to me.


I’m so happy with how this turned out and am forever grateful to Susannah – my junk picking friend. Thanks for spotting this beauty and calling me!

… Kristin

If you would like to see more vintage finds redesigned in General Finishes Queenstown Gray – see here and here.



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