Coastal Blue Hepplewhite Dresser

The arrival of this dresser to my friend Susannah’s master bedroom was years in the making. I’m not kidding.

A couple years ago Susannah had asked if I could keep an eye out for a tall Hepplewhite dresser for her. She wanted one to coordinate with a low and wide Hepplewhite dresser that she had inherited from her Grandmother. I would find one at an estate sale and Susannah’s weekend would be too busy for her to go look at it. I found one on Craigslist and it was a little too short. (Susannah wanted a lot of storage!) I found another at an estate sale and by the time we got there, it was sold! This went on for two years.

Then finally last month, another friend informed me that she had acquired a dresser that she had no need for. A Hepplewhite dresser! I called Susannah and we went to take a look at it.


It was in pretty bad shape. Missing veneer. Dings and scratches. And if you zoom in you will see a huge gouge in the piece dividing the top and bottom drawers. (How does something like that even happen?!? It was so deep!) But… it was seven drawers of storage! And it had potential! So, Susannah bought it and we drove it right over to my house to begin its makeover!

The prep work on this one was extensive. There was a lot of glueing loose veneer. And sanding scratches. And filling gouges with wood filler. But it was worth it! After several coats of General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint (I’m loving this color right now. I still have to show you my own dresser painted in Coastal Blue!) and a hand rubbed wax finish, she is stunning. The pictures don’t do it justice. I find photographing dark furniture so challenging. I wish you could see it in person!


I cleaned the original pulls and applied Rub n Buff in Pewter to coordinate with the pulls on the other dresser in Susannah’s master bedroom.


And since this dresser is solely for Susannah’s clothes, she decided on a beautiful floral paper to line the drawers. (I’ve come to believe that all drawers should be lined! It makes organizing and putting clothes away so pleasant.)


As always, I get so excited to save a vintage piece of furniture that was desperate for some love. And I’m happy that the two year search is complete and my friend can organize her clothes to her hearts content!

… Kristin

3 thoughts on “Coastal Blue Hepplewhite Dresser

    • Hi! I used to find on but they stopped printing gift wrap. You could use their wallpaper but it’s a bit more expensive. I have found some beautiful prints on and at Hallmark stores lately!

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