Driftwood Dressers

Wow! Two months since my last blog post?!? Where did the time go? I’m much more active on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, so if you want to stay a little more in touch – please hop over and follow me there.

Jen picked up these two dressers from a local Facebook sale page. They were definitely in the worst shape of any pieces I have ever worked on. The photo below does not accurately show how bad they were! See the white chips on the bottom right – they were like that all over! And the tops were SO damaged! I don’t know why I didn’t take a better before pic — I think I was trying to ignore how bad these were.


In tacking these I used a new product – General Finishes Stain Blocker Primer – and I loved it! I had to sand these down extensively and therefore left a very blotchy finish. Two coats of the Stain Blocker provided an even layer on which to paint. A good quality paint finish always starts with thorough prep work.

Jen chose General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint. These dressers will be in her daughter’s bedroom against soft pink walls. This grey will look lovely and sweet now, yet will grow with her daughter as she starts to have a style of her own.


The original drawer pulls have a beautiful shape but were painted over and quite ugly. I soaked them in my hardware crock pot for six hours and then scrubbed the original paint off. They are now a beautiful coppery gold color.


This set definitely went from ugly to beautiful.


And as always, I love lining the drawers with beautiful paper! It just makes putting clothes away so much more enjoyable.


These were a challenge, but I am so pleased with how they turned out! I hope you love them too, Jen!

… Kristin

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