Magnolia Silos and Waco

This summer my sister moved from New York City to Houston, Texas. While I am sad to no longer have her live an hour away from me, I am excited about all the new adventures we will have when we visit her in Texas. The first of these adventures was our trip to Waco … specifically Magnolia Silos!


I love Joanna Gaines and her farmhouse style. I have watched Fixer Upper from the first episode. I subscribe to Magnolia Journal magazine. I have read Chip and Joanna’s book – The Magnolia Story. And I have shopped their online market store. It was a must that I visit the Silos. My sister and my daughter came along for the ride.

First, if you decide to visit Waco and Magnolia, I suggest that you make it a side trip from either Dallas or Austin. It was a long three hour drive from Houston. Because of the drive, we decided to stay two nights in Waco. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and immediately drove past the Silos to orient ourselves for the next day. We spent a little time exploring a park and bridge over the Brazos River. Headed to dinner and checked into our Airbnb. (I had wanted to stay in one of the Fixer Upper homes that are now rentable, however the prices were a little more than we wanted to spend.)

Monday morning we headed over to the Silos! The Silos Bakery opens at 7:30am and we arrived around 8:30am. I told my sister that I wanted to beat the crowds before the stores opened at 9am. She doubted there would be crowds. There was.


There were already over 100 people milling around the grounds, having coffee, chatting and waiting for the shops to open. We got our coffee and treats — an orange scone, cinnamon bun, blueberry muffin and a Ship Lap cupcake (for later). Everything was delicious.


Once the stores opened, we went to the Seed + Supply Store at the back of the property first because the line was so long at Magnolia Market. The Seed Store is a cute little garden shop. I bought a little metal bell and my daughter picked out some bath bombs.


We then headed across the yard to Magnolia Market with a couple quick photo ops.



She was a good sport. We watched a few Fixer Upper episodes in preparation for this trip.


Once we got into Magnolia Market I completely forgot to take pictures! First, it was crowded. And second, it was pure eye candy for me! I loved everything and wanted one of each – although, my sister was quick to point out that I had a lot of everything already.

  • Cotton stems
  • Wood trays
  • Olive buckets
  • Dough bowls
  • Faux flowers
  • White pitchers
  • Wood signs
  • Wooden ladders … oh my!

Although it was crowded, the market was set up with a pretty good flow. I loved the arrangement of each area – kitchen, home, jewelry, kids, signs. The beautiful displays of goods made me want to linger and look at the details. We circled the store twice and my sister bought some cotton stems and a cute little slate cheese plate. We both picked out some t-shirts and I found a tea towel that I wish I had bought more of. So soft! The bell was in the Seed + Supply Store.


I did come home and order this serving board because they gave you a 20% discount code for visiting the Silos and I certainly couldn’t fit this in my suitcase!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.07.49 PM

It was a fun morning at the Silos and well worth the 1,623 miles it took to travel there!


We also went to Harp Design Company.


Its a small little shop with some beautiful pieces. I was immediately reminded of my Dad, who passed away almost fours years ago, because of the smell of wood shavings/sawdust in the air.


And then we got a little let down. It turns out that a lot of the home decor / vintage shops around Waco are only open from Wednesday to Saturday! We were there from Sunday to Tuesday! We did manage to find a few open shops and they were lovely. I particularly liked these:

Papillon – This shop is filled with high end European antiques. Beautiful pieces curated from the owner’s travels.

The Findery – This shop and warehouse behind it have a similar feel to Magnolia Market but carry more furniture items. I was smitten with a few of their pillows.

Honey’s Home + Style – A great place to browse and bring home ideas since a lot of their beautiful furniture won’t fit in your suitcase. Although, my sister bought some reproduction prints ready to hang on her wall here.

Sironia and Spice Village were cute shopping spots too, but not vintage.

So… if you are going to Waco — be sure to go when all of the vintage / home decor stores are open! It is still a small town and there’s not much else to do!

We did however, happen upon the Waco Mammoth National Park which was super cool and well worth a visit to see Columbian Mammoth “in situ” fossils from 67,000 years ago. And we did go to Waco Escape Rooms  – our first time trying an escape room! We all three enjoyed it, but were no where close to making it out in the allotted 60 minutes!

And that was our trip to Waco and Magnolia Silos! Let me know if you have been or plan to go!

… Kristin

(Oh and PS — I might also suggest not going in August. It was hot and humid … like pea soup.)


(We did drive past the original Magnolia shop on Bosque!)



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