Country Living Fair – Rhinebeck, NY 2018

One of the happiest days of my year is my annual trek to the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. It’s a long day — starting with a two hour drive from my home in New Jersey — but it’s worth it! This was my third visit.

My friend Liz joined me this year and we came home with some great items! Liz isn’t an antique junkie like I am, but she did enjoy the shops selling artisan food and drinks. She bought a micro batch bottle of whiskey for her husband for Father’s Day from Old York Farm Distillery and a cocktail mix that turns wine into slushies from d’marie! Yum! And she also bought some of these adorable utensil holders from Cutlery Couture.


My purchase, as usual, were random – some vintage and some not. The large wood frame and mirror are going to be repurposed and used for a local follower giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram pages in the coming months — so follow me on both of those if you aren’t already!

I fell in love with the grain sack pillow cover by Gathered Comforts. Put a vintage seed pack image on a grainsack and you have me …


I was most excited about grabbing another crock! This 2 gallon one will now join my 3 and 8 gallon ones on my back porch filled with flowers. I saw a 6 gallon one too but I walked away. Now I’m regretting it!


Liz picked up the cute little pen and paper set for her kitchen counter. I am painting it for her so the vintage brass hardware will pop a little more. And I grabbed this new, but cute spool of thread, Sainsbury’s Potted Meats English crock and teeny tiny flower frog to add to my collections.

And I brought home two gifts — handmade bath bombs for my daughter and a pair of vintage spectacles for my sister. Kathryn is an optometrist and these will be perfect on a side table in her new Houston home! They even have the original case and dust cloth with the text “Gordon’s Good Glasses” on them! (Kathryn … act surprised when I give them to you in July.)

And lastly, I acted as personal shopper for a friend and found this amazing set of vintage French enamelware canisters dating from the early 19th century. Christine had mentioned to me years ago that she wanted a set after she redesigned her kitchen and included a cobalt blue stove. I have kept my eyes open for two years and when I saw this set on a bottom shelf at M Sealie’s shop … I took a pic and texted Christine! Sold!



It was a very successful and fun day! Until next year …



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