Glass Cabinet (SOLD)

This glass cabinet came to me needing a little love. The shelves were missing, as was a piece of the fretwork. But the brass key was there and it had potential!

I removed the broken fretwork and decided instead to bring geometry to the back of the cabinet with some Spoonflower wallpaper. The cabinet was painted in General Finishes Lamp Black and finished with their Satin Top Coat.

I had three glass shelves cut. Their placement is easily adjustable. The brass hinges and key were cleaned up.

I immediately envisioned this cabinet as a locking liquor cabinet, but it can also be used as a bookcase or display case.

Asking $175 plus tax. Dimensions are 54.5″ tall, 31″ wide and 14″ deep.

Please email me at hazelmaehome at or message me to set up an appointment to see it in person.

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