Upcycled Three-Tiered Table

You’ve probably seen one of these three-tiered tables … at an older relatives house… probably in the formal living room. They were popular! But not so much now. And when a mom asks her adult children if one of them would like to have the table in their home, the answer is most likely “No thanks, mom.”

But when turned into three lazy susans, then the answer changes and the kids are happy to take mom’s table! This table belonged to my husband’s Aunt Debbie and now the lazy susan’s will be handed down to her three adult children! And I’m so pleased about that! They will just have to decide who gets which size!

They were painted in Annie Sloan Athenian Black, slightly distressed, and finished with Annie Sloan Clear and Black Wax.

Small Lazy Susan

I found lazy susan mechanisms on Etsy and added them to the bottom of each. Visit me on my Instagram or Facebook pages to see them in action!

Medium Lazy Susan
Large Lazy Susan

This was such a fun upcycling project! And reminded me of another table that was redesigned into a serving tray … for another relative, coincidently!

I hope these will be used years to come and will always remind the kids’ of their childhood home!

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