Duck Egg Blue Jelly Cabinet

Jelly Cabinets (Jelly Cupboards, Jam Cabinets) became popular in the early 19th century kitchen as a place to store homemade jams and jellies throughout the winter and keep out mice and other pests. The design is simple and reproductions can still be found sold at furniture retailers of today.

Dawn had this one and wanted to bring it back to life. One of the latches was missing and while the wood was in good condition, it just didn’t stand out in her home like she would like it to.

As I was cleaning it to prepare for paint, I found the handwritten signature of its creator on the back – H. Sherman, Maker, August 1904. I love thinking about how he (probably he) built this from scratch in 1904! And hope that he would be pleased with how we re-designed it in 2021. Should I ask Dawn if I could sign the back to show its providence to the next craftsman?

Before she even reached out to me, Dawn knew that she wanted this in a blue. I showed her several paint samples and she quickly decided on Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. We wanted this piece to still look old… so I didn’t fill any holes, cracks or dings and we finished it with Annie Sloan Black Wax to settle in those imperfections and give some depth to the new paint.

We left the inside original – keeping the 100+ years of rings from jelly jars on the shelving.

But sourced new reproduction latches from Signature Hardware.

I hope Dawn loves this updated version of her jelly cabinet as much as I do! I told her that this would easily fit into any room in my own home! I adore it! Thanks for trusting me with it, Dawn!

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