Coastal Blue Bar Cart

There are some pieces of vintage furniture that are just meant to be painted and re-designed. Their purpose and function is timeless. Their lines are classic. And their hardware is brass!

This bar cart is one of those pieces. I knew on first sight that it was going to be a perfect candidate!

This was Cara’s grandmother’s bar cart. It was in great condition and really just needed a deep cleaning, especially in all the crevices. And the original brass hardware needed to sit in Brasso for awhile and get a good scrub to clean them up.

Cara decided on General Finishes Coastal Blue because this piece will live at their beach house. I think she made an excellent choice! Do you agree?

The hinges to raise the sides were not brass, but I sprayed them gold.

Since this will be a much used piece at the beach house, I finished it with General Finishes Satin Top Coat. It gives a subtle, but beautiful shine.

We lined the drawers with a fun orange paper which I love! (But, can we take a moment to look at my amazing plants! I’ve become a plant lady this year!)

I’m so pleased with how this one turned out! I’m looking around my own house thinking about what I can paint Coastal Blue!

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