About Me

Hello and welcome to Hazel Mae Home!

I’m Kristin – wife, mother, and lover of vintage furniture and decor.

My love for recognizing treasure in other people’s junk came from my parents. My sister and I frequently had to squish together in the back seat of our car when my Mom or Dad stuffed a piece of vintage furniture from the curb into the back seat with us. We also frequented antique furniture auctions and garage sales as a family.

On Fridays I can be found waiting in line at estate sales for a number, and Saturdays I’m typically perusing garage sales, often with my daughter in tow. I know a new generation of “junker” is being molded when I hear her shout from the back seat … “Look at that beautiful table, Mom!”

I graduated Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and a minor in Mathematics. My career in the investment consulting industry lasted 15 years, but I craved a place to nurture my creative side. I decided to go back to school and received my associates degree in Interior Design from Berkeley College in 2005.

I was married in late 2005 and we had our daughter in 2009. I threw myself into designing our new home and our daughter’s nursery.

I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 2012 and I knew that this was the birth of my second career. I started with my childhood dresser and painted it for my daughter’s room. And soon after, several curb side treasures and vintage pieces from the attic were beautifully transformed, updated and cherished again!

As friends started seeing painted pieces in my home, they began asking me to paint new life into their vintage, sentimental, heirloom pieces. And so Hazel Mae Home was born! My second baby.

I look forward to sharing my home decor projects with you… and maybe even adding some vintage finds…redesigned…to your home!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my name is Caryn and I’m a PNS&K parent. I love your work and am interested in an estimate for my dining room furniture. Please let me know when you’re available.

  2. Hi, Kristin. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I want to see good photos of how to upgrade antique furniture. Yours look really well done. I’m about to retro decorate my husband’s former office and have several pieces I’d like to use. First, I need to create a faux brick wall in the room. Thank you for the great photos.

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